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The mysterious office of 

               Dr. Tobin

2 to 6 players        75 minutes 

$35 per player/ 

6% service fee 

Gather your team and prepare to unravel the mysteries hidden within Dr. Tobin's secretive office. The town is counting on you to uncover the truth behind her enigmatic dealings. Rumors swirl about her involvement in shady transactions, funding projects like the expansion of Lincoln Park Prison. Your mission: infiltrate her office, decipher clues, and expose her secrets before she returns. With just 75 minutes, every second counts. Can you uncover the truth or will it remain buried, leaving the town in the dark? The clock is ticking. Good luck, adventurers.

       - Lincoln Park Prison -

4 - 8 players     90 minutes 

$40 per player/ 

6% service fee 

Welcome to L-Block, This is Lincoln Park Prison's death row.  Only the meanest,
dirtiest criminal's find themselves here. L-Block is headed by the nasty Warden Beach, known for his torture tactics and not so nice hospitality. 
As a matter of fact, the Warden is so bad the Gov'ner herself is making a trip to see what all the fuss is about. 
You have 90 minutes to attempt what no convict has succeeded in......Escaping L-Block!!
Do you have the smarts?
Are you brave enough? 
Will you make the sacrifices it takes to ESCAPE L-BLOCK!!!!!

 4 to 8 players -  60 mins 

        Paranormal Investigation


  per player 

/ +6% service fee 

The Henderson's Estate is the ultimate challenge for the brave and daring! Join us as you investigate the paranormal activity and find Henderson's hidden treasure. With unique puzzles to solve and team work to be utilized, explore the estate of Sir Henderson who was murdered in 1978. Be warned - 19 people have gone missing entering this house and no one has ever seen them again. Dare you take on the challenge?

Magee Mafia Takedown

2 to 8 players -  60 minutes 


  per player 

/ + 6% service fee 

   Listen up Agents, we brought your team in here today for a special top secret assignment.  Our intel from the streets have told us the family has a secret hideout at there mother's house. Over the past 3 years, every warrant we served came up clean. They know every move we make. Evidence has also came up missing from the department the night before the trail of the Mr. Henderson Murder. We need to find out who's on his payroll and get this evidence back so we can put these guys behind bars for good. 

Our intel has also told us the family is leaving for a short period of time; this is your one chance to get in that house and find what we need. Agents, please be careful. If the Magees catch wind of this, be prepared to fight for your life . You will only have 60 mins to complete this mission.


Inside Mystery Escapes we use a large assortment of special effects.  Fog machines, cold sparks, strobe ,  assortment of scents in each game, air blasters, pneumatics, air bags  etc.  Any concerns please call the office before your gameplay. We will adjust the games for your comfort 


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